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Medicus Select Care has been commissioned to ensure that patients within North Central London, Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire who have been removed from a practice patient list can continue to access healthcare services at an alternative, specific GP practice. NHS England has a responsibility to ensure that all patients can access good quality GP services and that patients are not refused healthcare following incidents that are reported to the police.

You have to stay with our service for some time and develop a consistently improved doctor-patient relationship until we decide you are ready to be discharged back to the mainstream General Practice. Until we discharge you from our service you will NOT be able to register with another GP surgery anywhere in England.

If you are referred to Medicus Select Care, you will receive a letter from the PCSE. We will then contact you to advise where you are able to access care in person or arrange telephone/video consultations.

You will be able to access medical advice and appointments during core GP hours, the telephone line will be open from 8am and 6.30pm – Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays).

GP appointments will be available on the telephone, via Video call or face to face. However, during this Covid-19 Pandemic, when you call to book a GP appointment, you will be first offered a telephone appointment with a GP and the GP will conduct a telephone consultation first. The GP would then offer you a face to face appointment if it was deemed necessary. This is to minimise infection risk both to yourself and our staff.

Face to face appointment will be offered in a local clinic nearer to your local are. The Patient Care Team will be able to advise you of the location and send details on how to get there.

In addition to GPs and Nurses in our services, we also have pharmacists and Social prescribers who can help you with your medication reviews and offer assistance linked to your health care. These services can be accessed via phone if more suitable for you.

We are your GP surgery and offer all the services delivered in Primary Care, for example Smear Tests and Flu Vaccines will all be offered if you are eligible to receive them. We will also be contacting you if you have a long-term condition that needs regular monitoring or a test and ensuring your medication is at the correct levels.

Unfortunately, we do not offer travel vaccinations in our service, hence please enquire with your local pharmacists who may offer you this service for a fee.


Usually, your previous GP surgery removes your name from their patient list after a serious Incident takes place between yourself and them and inform the Primary Care Support England (PCSE) about this removal.  PCSE marks you NHS record and then forward your details to us to register you with our service. We then obtain all necessary medical information from your previous practice and take over your care.
Unfortunately, this Is not possible.

We don’t decide who comes into our service, PCSE does. But once you come in to our service you will not be able to register with any GP surgery in England until we have discharged you from our service after a period of time and notified the PCSE about this.

Due to your name and NHS number being marked by the PCSE, when you go to register with a mainstream GP surgery, they will be notified by the PCSE and ban you from registering with them.

This is completely dependent on your patient relationship and behaviour with our staff including the Clinicians. The sooner you show positive relationship with our staff in a persistent manner, the sooner we may feel you are ready to be discharged back to mainstream general Practice.

We conduct Case reviews of our patients every 3 months. Usually we had been able to discharge patients from our service within 1- 2 years, but in some cases much sooner than this.

Yes, this is possible.

However, if the GP you choose feels he/she is unable to continue caring for you due to any aggressive behaviour or broken down relationship with him/her we will automatically place you with an another GP in our service.

Yes of course, once we received the summary of your medical records from your previous GP surgery we will continue to issue your regular medication.

Ordering repeat medication on time is your responsibility or you may ask your regular pharmacy to order for you between 2-7 days prior to your due date.

However, if you need to change the dose, quantity or add new medications you will need to have a consultation with our GPs before this can be agreed and issued to you.

No, we hold clinics in local areas and our Patient Care Team will advise you where and when these are held if you need to see a GP/Nurse/Social Prescriber
You can either use the form on the “Contact Us” page, please select – General Enquiry
Yes of course, please let us know which pharmacy you would like to use and we will arrange it.
No, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have minimised non-essential direct contacts with patients and outside persons. Therefore we have adopted a 100% electronic prescribing policy and hence we will only issue prescriptions direct to your nominated pharmacy
Once you had a consultation with our GP, our GPs will issue a sick note ( Med3) and we will post your signed sick note to your home address.

Same would apply for requests for copies of your Medical notes. You will need to request in writing and upon receipt of your signed request we will post you a copy of your medical record, but please give us a maximum of 28 days for us to process this.

Medicus looking after all of our patients needs, ensuring a high quality service across our practice sites.

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